San Diego County

COVID-19 Health Order 

Vaccine eligibility currently includes healthcare personnel (Phase 1A, Tiers 1-3) and those aged 65 years and older (Phase 1B, Tier 1).

The California Department of Public Health has identified additional Phase 1A priority groups to receive COVID-19 vaccine. This includes both formal and informal caregivers to elderly and caregivers to individual's with disabilities.

In Order to receive a vaccination, YOU WILL NEED TO PROVIDE CREDENTIALS ON SITE. Failure to do so, will result in your being TURNED AWAY.

IF YOU DO NOT FALL into one of the categories listed above, DO NOT SCHEDULE a vaccination appointment at this time.

Official Website, CLICK HERE

Coronavirus Update from Assemblywoman

Lorena Gonzalez:​

San Diego Fire-Rescue COVID-19  Vaccination Unit

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